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Chef Rich Varrasso

Sonora Grill radio spot

Kelly Flynn Testifies

I'm a family style chef. Simple!
I cook good food that is wholesome and filling. Good!
It's mainly Italian old school peasant food. Fresh! 
I specialize in Steak & Lobster
California style!

I've owned a restaurant before. Sonora Grill was right on the main strip of old town Sonora in the foothills of the motherlode country central California just north of Yosemite. It was gonna be an Italian restaurant modeled after my family's restaurants in San Francisco's North beach ( mamma said never be in the restaurant business, child).​ It was a fine restaurant and we served many a fine plate but it was hard work and long hours of watching your food spoil right in front of your eyes! So, to make a long story short, I got out of that. It became an Indian pizza joint and eventually burned down. The only thing left is my expensive terricotta tile the health department made me install.

I now do custom catering by demand. I specialize in specialized events. My forte' is delivering flawless bacon wrapped fillet mignons and lobster tails, broiled California style with garlic butter. I also do large trays of speghetti or rigatoni's with handmade meatballs and homemade sauce. Large custom anti pasti trays. Various Italian party salads. Family style catering for event or meeting. We are economical, precise, and descrete. 


Most of my clients are long time repeat customers and my schedule is always demanding. If you are seriously interested in my services, please contact me with your date, place, plan, budget, and concept.

If its fun, I'm interested!... Rich Varrasso

Richard Varrasso RSB

Richard Varrasso has completed the California Responsible Beverage Service Training Course in order to fulfill the rules and guidelines supplied by the ABC for proper licensing and service of alcoholic beverages at nonprofit community events.
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