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Our Projects. Private appraisal support. 

Richard Varrasso is an expert real estate appraiser. Now retired, he inspects properties and provides appraisal support to appraisal companies who need support in central California. Private consultation on property valuations, property and facility management, and development. We specialize in Estate Trust valuation reports.

PMI Removal

PMI Removal Service

PMI stands for “private mortgage insurance” Once your mortgage is down below 80% of the value of the home, in most cases you can apply to the lender for removal of this costly insurance and have it removed from your loan. Your payments will go down, and that money goes into your pocket instead of theirs. I am experienced in helping to remove this unwanted PMI insurance.

Property Taxes

Property Tax Analysis

Property Taxes may be lowered if your home is accessed over what the real value is. I have experience in lowering your property taxes by compiling data and presenting it to the county tax assessor. By filing a standard form and the appraisal data you are able to get your taxes readjusted and save you money.

Desktop Reviews

Desktop Appraisal Reviews

I perform dozens of desktop reviews that double check the accuracy of real estate appraisals or broker price opinions. We use the extensive internet research capabilities and office files and statistics to deliver reviews at the highest degree of precision.


Estate Trust Reports

Evaluations for the Date of Death Estate Trust cases to support the valuations of real property for the purpose of reconciliation of probate court findings.

We work directly with attorneys, financial planners and mediators for quick and accurate reports on market value and property conditions.


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