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Rich Varrasso here. I am currently redesigning everything.....

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My Story

I was born in the late 50s. It was black-and-white TV, we were just coming off of radio. A child of  the 60s, I saw all the news from space to Kennedy; I lived through the developments. A ‘75 high school grad, I went straight into the San Francisco Bay Area rock-n-roll business. I had a part in building the MTV legends of the 80s. If it was a San Francisco operation, I probably was there. producer, promoter, technician, marketeer, tour guide, consultant or shrink I wore so many hats my hair turned gray. I became a real estate appraiser in the 90s so I could tell my kids mom I had a real job that inspected homes and hotels all week so to play music on the weekends. Following trend I digitized my efforts and busted through the 2000 millennium scare by computerizing the studio and offices for high definition networking. The appraisal office, my Sonora Grill Restaurant, a record company in Nashville and my son filled my life with responsibilities in the mid otts.


By 2010 my rich and fulfilling life became a madhouse of commitment, responsibilities, liabilities and total unruliness. The collapse of the 2008 crash caused me to pair down my operation and concentrate on my second son -Felix. So I moved my resident, offices and radio show to Copperopolis California. I still broadcast, consult artists and property manage. A couple acoustic gigs here and a celebrity chef night there.


But sitting on my boat on Lake Tulloch fishing with my boys is the life for me. Looking towards  2020 !!! #####


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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