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Other Varrasso news​ - Worldwide !!!

Dominic Varrasso

This firm practices in Melbourne, Australia and has advised on overseas legal issues.

Dominic A Varrasso, the principal of Varrasso Legal,  is a mediator and can provide alternative dispute resolution among other services. This Varrasso is in Australia!

Enrico Varrasso

This cugino is a master illistrator in Ontario, Canada.

Enrico Varrasso- His designs & illistrations may be view at his extensive web site

Tanya Varrasso
a Travel advisor in Canada...


Tanya is a trip advisor (travel agent) in east Canada. She works at Trip Central. is the smarter way to plan travel. 

Christina Varrasso
recently published author...

Teaser quote from RUNNING FOR YELLOW---"When life went awry, Chiara and her family found comfort in different things. Mamma immersed herself in work at Gian Carlo's and prayed. Valerie read mystery novels. Sylvia ran. For Chiara, it was always the horses." 

Running for Yellow is a heartfelt story recounting one woman's journey of self-discovery, in which life's demands and diversions inevitably return her to the enduring foundations of family and faith


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