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What's Going On???.

Posted Setember 11, 2013


Stuff that is  happening around here...

Event Management

Posted September 11, 2013


I do event management. I am looking for a position in a very big company that needs to have major global event management. In this day and age of internet based social contact, brick and mortar contact remains a paramount way to gain a secure foothold of the core market group. Bring people together in a way that touches reality and makes the experience real. Events happen at venues, clubs, private living rooms, or virtually on laptop screens. 


Senior Event Management and coordination

Tradeshow production and logistics

Public relations and media consulting

Artist and product development.


Viola Blythe Community Service.

Posted December 20, 2012


Viola Blythe, Community Service Center of Newark, Ca

The Viola Blythe Community Service Center of Newark is a nonprofit, nonsectarian corporation organized to promote, support and advocate social and human services to any person who is in immediate need. This mission is accomplished by a variety of programs, including emergency food and clothing distribution, referrals to other agencies, special programs that address current community needs and holiday programs at Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

I am an on-call volunteer helping in all aspects of the center's service needs including event management, fireworks booth, Christmas shows, Thanksgiving care boxes, food bank acquasitions, and general administration and management.
 Please visit their website at


December 2013

Famous Hits Band

Acoustic Christmas

Happy New Year!


March 2014

St Patricks Day Party

Oakland Clubhouse

Oakland, CA

April 2014

April Birthday Tour

Famous Hits Band

Northern California

May 2014

Frog Jumps

Famous Hits Band

Calaveras County- Angels Camp

July 2014

Annual Fireworks Stand

Viola Blythe Center

Newpark Mall, Newark, CA

August 2014

End of Summer Tour

Famous Hits Band

Northern California

December 2014

Acoustic Christmas Party

Famous Hits Band

The Florence in Niles

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