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Right now there is a window of opportunity to make a change. This change is manifest in many areas of our lives. The way we feed our children- we must provide them with better managed food habits. The way we use fuels- we must become more sustainable and logical (that is why I just bought a hybrid). The way we ingest entertainment- our analog world has shrunk down to a DIY digital society. And this social media-based population still desires physical touch at brick and mortar events.
I have lived through the evolution of live concerts, tradeshows and seminars. In experiencing the gospel of Tony Robbins or singing gestures of Mick Jagger, my true life experiences translate to transferable skills in many levels of high level business management and logistic coordination. My follow-through and completion record stand for itself, as I am a fearless achiever and flawless finisher of the most extensive projects. In practice whether driving the engine or riding in the caboose, I am usually the go-to guy to gain a solution.
I am available to share my wisdom and talents. I desire a long-term position on the next team that wants to make a worldwide splash. Leading or following, I make a valuable team member.

Richard Varrasso,

Journeyman Explorer

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