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Show Pilot 

Felix is proud to endorse our affliliate that sells the best kitchen appliances- KitchenAid. We use the KitchenAid Model KCO273 countertop confection oven. One of the best built portable ovens ever. I bought mine at Macy's housewares at the Stoneridge Mall in Pleasanton with my employee discount, but you can get my discount direct on the internet at this link:

We slow cook our speghetti sauce in crock pots. Slow cookers come in many brands and prices, but after a dozen broken pots, I found spending a little more on quality really pays off. Of course,  I bought mine at Macy's housewares at the Stoneridge Mall in Pleasanton with my employee discount, but for more than you'll pay here! Get my 20% discount direct on the internet at this link:

FELIX FOOD TEASER - YouTube video to engage Kickstarter 



8 year old Italian chef from San Francisco creates a pilot for his own cooking show designed just for kids and how to eat healthier.


Felix is an amazing kid. I’m his Dad. We live together, I'm a single parent. I come from a long line of Italian chefs, family style Joe’s restaurants, and tons of fresh, home-cooked recipes. He grew up eating good, healthy food and tends to stay away from fast food or junky cuisine. He always wanted to help me when he was a kid. We even tried to make videos back then. Now, he cooks us meals quite often (at 8 years old)! Recently he has been designing a cookbook of traditional Italian dishes but with a kid’s twist on it, mostly tempering the spices for a more plain flair using the goodness of the ingredients. His cookbook will be the screenplay for the show by providing the recipes and the focus. His personality and character will fill out the presentation while his scripts will narrate and entertain. We've been writing scripts as an activity together. Please help Felix by pledging on his Kickstarter page, the link button is below. Thank you!

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

If you want to help Felix directly without having to pledge on Kickstarter, you may donate $11 on his PayPal button. Anyone who donates $11 or more, will receive an official hand signed "Thank You Note" with photo from Felix, who appreciates your support on this project. This will be his first experience signing "Fanfare"!


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