Category 1

Are you a company or a person?

I have had big companies, corporations, restaurants, record labels, but now I am just a single person entity.

How do you do your work?

I do all the thinking, designing and planning myself. from there I have a vast network of experts that support my efforts.

How do we cut a deal?

It's easy! You tell me what you want; I'll tell you what I can deliver and for how much. After an accord, we are engaged in business.

Do you bill?

We do NOT bill for services rendered unless you have an approved credit account with us that is secured. We take all credit cards, cash and money orders.

Category 2

Are there employment opportunities?

There are employment opportunities here, but only on a per project and subcontracted basis at this time.

Do you work with large corporations?

Yes, I have work with the largest corporations and heaviest executives.

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