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Minestrone Soup Roadshow

The Minestrone soup roadshow. We've done it many times. It works at bars around dinner time. It is great on rainy days! We do it before gigs.

Minestrone soup is an Italian family food, usually made up of fresh vegetables from the garden, with the cleanings boiled into stock. The left over pot roast and last night's spaghetti sauce goes into the stew pot to boil into a wonderful peasant style hearty soup.

Richard Varrasso is an expert making minestrone soup from scratch. He also makes rugged clam chowder, pho, matzo ball, lobster bisque, chicken noodle, and pastina. All hand made with love like it was from mamma's kitchen!


We can do a traveling roadshow with soup, spaghetti, chili beans, lasagna, or beef stroganoff. Sold at an affordable price. Hearty wholesome meals for all.


Our roadshows can be booked to save the cost of opening your own kitchen. We provide the food, utensils, labor and love. Your clients love it. Win/win!



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