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Pertinent skills-- 30 years of experience in the entertainment industry.- Executive experience includes CEO, President, Vice-President and manager- Strong leader who is entrepreneurial, aggressive and hands-on. - Possess superb credentials with a strong educational background.- Excellent budget analysis and forecasting skills and highly proficient using financial software reporting systems. Can read and write contracts and deal memos.- Willing and able to work in a creative environment.- Familiar with the inner workings and operations of an entertainment company/industry.- Execution & action-oriented hardworking personality with leadership and strategic thinking ability - Expert on timeliness and timing- Possesses a hands-on management style with a passion for day-to-day operations.- Confidence to build trust and present results to investors, upper management, board of directors superiors, peers, and board members.




- outgoing, warm and energetic personality
- organized, efficient, flexible, problem-solver, fast-learner
- excellent oral and written communication skills
- intuitive and patient listener, detail-oriented, team-player
- superior phone etiquette, readiness to talk to customers
- good judgment of character, good ear for talent
- outstanding organizational skills, can think while running
- willingness to roll with the punches, thinks ''outside the box''
- ability to work with changing deadlines or under pressure
- experience using database programs, MS Office, Outlook
- familiarity with PC and Mac computer environments
- good team player that can work independently
- Willing to travel, travel agent experience, tour management
- Can sing, play guitar, perform but can’t dance worth beans.





Skill Sets

Job Positions I have held.

Concert Promoter/Producer 
Celebrity Promoter 
Radio Song Promoter 
Trade Show Producer 
Event Manager 
Artist Manager 
Executive Record Producer 
Road/Tour Manager 
Stage Manager 
Musician/ Guitar Player 
Singer/ Song writer 
Music Publisher 
Public Relations 
Media Consultant 
Booking Agent 
Radio Spot Producer 
Advertising copywriter 
Public Speaker 
Management Panelist 
Entertainment Contract Writer 
Licensed Appraiser 
Property Inspector 
Energy Efficiency Specialist 
Mold & Radon Inspector 
Electrician by Trade 
Major Domo / Personal Assistant 
Board Member 
Chief Executive Officer 
Vice President 
General Manager 
Audio/Visual Consultant 
Restaurant Owner/Operator 
Executive Chef 
Banquet Manager 
Bartender / Barista 
Volunteer/ Server

Relevant Skills

Calendar, task, travel, event, menu planning; catering, budgeting, shopping; quick books, production, promotion, engineering, audio/visual, logistical wizard, advisor, consultant, solution finder. High energy. Staff coordination and motivation. Expert chef. Organizational skills that lead to ease and cost efficiency. 

Concert Promoter: Worked with Bill Graham Presents, and promoted dozens of concerts with major name headliners. Road Manager: Well traveled through-out the United States and several outside countries; was included in the management entourage

Artist Manager and Booking Agent: Managed Greg Kihn for eight years, Jimmy Lyon (Eddie Money, Tina Turner) for five years, Ron Thompson for two years, and is currently managing country music singer, Tom Wurth. Expert public speaker and panelist for music management. 25+ years experience in artist logistics and administration.

Record Company: Assisted king-pin record producer, Mathew King Kaufman at Beserkley Records, and acted in several functions to the record company, including record production, publishing, manufacture, promotions and marketing. Founded Hip-Hop label New Vibe Music and Co-founded Big 7 Records, with California Lottery winner. Publishing:Owns Famous Band Music (ASCAP) and is partners on Big 7 11 Heaven Music (BMI) Friend of Diane Warren – Real Songs (ASCAP), Hollywood,

Has experience in licensing, copyrights, publishing contracts, songwriter, and producer.

Publicity: Talent wrangling at Red Carpet, VIP and celebrity events. Escorting talent down the Red Carpet, as well as introducing talent to other artists, media and press personnel. Facilitating Meet and Greets for major rock stars and in conjunction with major sponsors such as Pepsi and Orangina soft drink companies.

ROI- The return of investment regained by multi tasking, calendar organization, time efficiently, wisdom through experience, logistical wizardry, positive affirmation, daily motivation, the right placement, the best decisions, a chameleon’s personality, and general companionship in the adventure of business.

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