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ABOUT Richard Varrasso

My Mommy, and my Sister in front of Mayfield Drive house.

3rd grade

Freshman year book >

Richard K Varrasso
"I came out rockin!."

Some kind works from Bill Bischoff...


When I met Richard K. Varrasso he was still a high school student dreaming of becoming a 'sound' man.

He was always a vital element in helping to put together the concerts our first two years. After the first two years, Richard ran the shows. From the initial backyard April Fools parties I started with Ron Thompson playing in '72, progressing to a Hidden Valley benefit show to raise money for an injured friend with Art Najara & The Collective works; Then building steam hiring It's a Beautiful Day, Quicksilver, Elvin Bishop, Keith & Donna Godshaux, The Sons of Chaplin, Country Joe McDonald, HooDoo Rhythm Devils, Yesterday & Today (Y&T) and Richard hiring Greg Kihn & The Rubinoos; Richard Varrasso made sure the sound was always great for the band as well as the audience. Rich helped take our events from featuring 'local' bands to negotiating with Bill Graham Productions to hire an unknown local act who didn't yet have an album: Eddie Money. We were fortunate enough to meet Mr. Graham at the School of Music in San Rafael.Since the Mirage Production days we founded together almost 40 years ago Richard has only gotten better. And, it is because of Richard, we were successful.



Bill Bischoff


(Bill Bischoff now runs Bischoff Custom Design, a silk screening and apparel operation out of Modesto, CA specializing in event and social merchandise with custom design and printing.)







It is easy to figure out life, 

give yourself these priorities:

#1 Your God

#2 Your self health

#3 Your family

#4 Your work

#5 Fun

add the 10 commandments to these rules and

do it all in moderation and responsibily, you'll be fine...




I'm in the entertainment business, no one can be as diverse and free as I am in my thinking. My teams are always comprised of the very best people of all walks of life and my musicians are a very diverse bunch. We are an equal opportunity bunch of jammers !!!



I have provided mentorship to some very fine professionals who go on carrying the torch for our business. 

Jack LaSaud

Jimmy Dellaria

Saul Vigil





Concert Promoter: Worked with BGP, and promoted dozens of concerts with major name headliners. Road Manager: Well traveled through-out the United States and several outside countries; was included in the management entourage
Artist Manager and Booking Agent: Managed Greg Kihn for eight years, Jimmy Lyon (Eddie Money, Tina Turner) for five years, Ron Thompson for two years, and is currently managing country music singer, Tom Wurth. Expert public speaker and panelist for music management. 25+ years experience in artist logistics and administration.
Record Company: Assisted king-pin record producer, Mathew King Kaufman at Beserkley Records, and acted in several functions to the record company, including record production, publishing, manufacture, promotions and marketing. Founded Hip-Hop label New Vibe Music and Co-founded Big 7 Records, with California Lottery winner. Publishing:Owns Famous Band Music (ASCAP) and is partners on Big 7 11 Heaven Music (BMI) Friend of Diane Warren – Real Songs (ASCAP), Hollywood, 
Has experience in licensing, copyrights, publishing contracts, songwriter, and producer.



Grew up in Glenmoor Gardens, a newly developed tract home designed by the Reeder Brothers as a development of the future. We had our own shopping center with a market, laundry mat, 76 gas station, and Swenson's Ice Cream Parlor. The close by elementary school had a park and public pool. Washington Hospital was very soon to open but I was born in San Jose and named Richard after my Fremont doctor Dr. Richard Delfs, who lived across the street. It was "Leave It to Beaver" middle America suburbia.
I grew up in this house my whole childhood, 4843 Mayfield Dr. My neighborhood was very close knit with the parents all getting together for "cocktail" parties all the time! Halloween was blocks and blocks of dressed up homes yielding pillow cases of candy. And the Christmas lights went from home to home for blocks.
I went to grade school at Glenmoor Elementary about 6 blocks away and rode my bike to school from first grade on. I still talk to people I went to kindergarten with. We still have a very close knit family of friends from school times. I went to Centerville Junior High and then Washington High School until my Dad moved to Brookvale and then I graduated from American High School in Fremont, California.                         READ MORE...



We're gonna rock! Our plans for future endevors will be featured shortly. The principal parties are all being called to the board to finalize the next big plan. Stay tuned..........

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